Studio To Go curates creative and engaging programs for dance studio owners and teachers.

Our goal is to handle all of the thought, research and time required to create effective and comprehensive lesson plans that capture the attention and excitement in young dancers.

We offer various packages to suit your needs. From progressive yearly classroom content, to creative choreography, to innovative classroom tools, we have you covered!

– Styles We Offer –


(ages 3 – 5)

 This program builds a dancer’s understanding of ballet. In addition to the pre-ballet basics, these 3 through 5 year olds will master other ballet concepts such as passé, echappé, bourrée, chassé and glissade to name a few. 

Ages 5-10 coming soon!


(ages 3 – 5)

In this primary tap program, dancers will become acclimated to differentiating the heel vs toe, rhythm, shuffles, flaps, ballchange, marching and coordination.

Ages 5-10 coming soon!

Creative Dance

(ages 18 months – 3 years)

More Information Coming Soon!

Hip Hop

(ages 5-10)

More Information Coming Soon!


(ages 6 and up)

More Information Coming Soon!


(ages 3 and up)

More Information Coming Soon!

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Curates Creative and Engaging Programs
for Dance Studio Owners and Teachers.

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