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We're Leah + Lauren. Our mission is to help dance entrepreneurs create more profit, find more peace within their businesses, and live with more passion in their day-to-day.

What It's Like Working With Us



One of the pillars of our coaching is financial. So many businesses, especially women-owned businesses, often overlook the finance component. We look at ways to increase revenue and profit. We help you uplevel to a more successful business.



The second pillar of our coaching is mindset. Real change begins with you. We hold you accountable to become the best version of yourself, as well as the best leader you can be. Stop blaming outside forces and get ready to unlock the complete powerhouse that you are.



The final pillar of our coaching is marketing. Marketing is how the outside world sees you and your company. It is your brand. From sales, to your website, to social media, and beyond. We help you to identify what it is that your brand is. What does your business stand for? From there, we help you create a roadmap to acquire the most customers and to do so in an authentic way. 

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