Tutorial: Turkey Tail for our Tappin’ Turkeys Dance

Looking for a little extra fun for November classes? Both dance teachers and students are looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving break with family and friends. Let’s all get in the spirit together! To infuse our Tappin’ Turkey choreography with more festivity,...

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My newest inspiration

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we often feel pulled in a million directions. You know the feeling. You’re doing one thing, and next thing you know someone else’s “urgent” matter gets thrown on your plate. I’ve been dedicating a lot of time this year to truly...

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Lifesavers for the Rookie Preschool Dance Teacher

The first season for a teacher on the instructional side of dance is stressful. You know you are headed for the final product, the dance recital. It is the obvious goal, but how in the world do we get there? The initial weeks of class are pretty easy. Get the kids...

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Dance teachers are the ring masters of FUN

To be a dance teacher, you must be larger than life! You are the ring master, in what could very quickly become a 3-ring tragedy.  All eyes are upon you. You must command the stage and make the experience like no other for those tiny little people. You are a performer...

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Taking the doubt out of dance education

We’ve all been there. That moment where it dawns on you and you wonder, “How am I going to get through the next hour?” Maybe it’s because you’re a brand new teacher, or maybe it’s because you have a splitting headache. Chances are you might be here not because you...

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Why is a young dancer important to the health of a studio?

It is a scene every dance teacher has experienced countless times. Brand new ballet shoes display no signs of scuffs or sprints through a rainy parking lot, pink tights boast no rips or juice stains, and tutus are extra fluffy as they have yet to make their...

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