Products Under $20 Saving my Life…

Ever had one of those nutty weeks where you feel like you can't keep up? That's been me this past week. 🤦🏽‍♀️   Luckily, 9 times out of 10 I am a member of the "Type A Energizer Bunny" club. My dad lovingly describes my personality as "kill it and drag it home." (Can...

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Creativity in Students of All Ages

Hiya dance teachers and educators! I’m Toi B. Brown, a dance artist currently residing in London, England, United Kingdom. I’ve lived here for about 6 months now and there is one thing I would love for all teachers to remember. Do not stifle your students' creativity!...

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Stretching Our Wings!

As a preschool dance instructor, have you ever referenced butterflies in your imagery in class? The classic “butterfly stretch” with the bottoms of their feet together is a much-loved trick often implemented in baby ballet. However, there are so many more ways to tie...

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For the Love of Dance: Community and Compassion in action

Last week we brought you our class ideas for our monthly theme. Lauren does a great job as Artistic Director of our sister company by keeping class ideas fresh and engaging. This week I wanted to share with you the other side of our monthly theme, and that is our...

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For the Love of Dance: Valentine’s Class Ideas

“I Love You.” It's a phrase we all know very well, but we could stand to hear it more in today’s culture, in my very humble opinion. 😉 This month, students in our sister company’s dance classes are learning all about love; however, we are presenting the idea in a...

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Tools every preschool dance teacher should have in their bag

One of the very first things we do after hiring a new teacher is give them an official teacher kit. These are the basic items that we think our teachers need in order to be successful. Every preschool dance teacher needs a few tricks up his or her sleeve to make...

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New Year, New You

It's a new year, which usually means everyone is thinking about how to improve this year. Common resolutions include health, home life, money, and business. Personally, I don't do resolutions, BUT I am a huge goal setter. For me, setting goals happens multiple times...

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4 top tips for technology in your studio!

We all know that feeling. Running around from errand to appointment, calling back parents, planning classes, a quick meeting with a Teacher, all the while trying to grow & expand your business. Well friend, I am here to tell you that technology can play a huge role in...

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