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Studio To Go is the studio go-to for all things recreational dance.

Upon implementing an intentional, progressive curriculum in our existing dance education business that services over 700 preschool dancers per year, we experienced the benefits of having revived, refreshed and prepared dance content in our classes. Immediately, we saw a need that was not fulfilled in the marketplace.

We Believe...

…that recreational dance, specifically preschool programs, are the cornerstone of any successful dance studio.

Unfortunately, this group often gets overlooked due to the extensive attention required to groom more advanced students. But, by taking a small amount of time to focus on the young, recreational student, studios stand to not only acquire more business, but they will also develop a strong foundation on which to build the company for years to come. In light of valuing this younger studio demographic, we have created a surefire system to educate little dancers with fun and success at the top of mind!

As dance teachers ourselves...

convenient implementation is a priority for our product.

We have created a program that is easy, approachable, and enjoyable for YOU, the teacher. Packaged in a ready “To Go” manner, this curriculum will free up your time to focus on the various needs of your business with the peace-of-mind that your young, valuable students are supported.

Studio To Go was fashioned by Leah Matthews + Lauren Nolan, two dance professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years of teaching dance.

Thousands of children through the years have benefited from their direct dance instruction! The ladies of Studio To Go have personal dance backgrounds that encompass a multitude of performance experiences. These include the Miss America Organization, collegiate dance teams, Fed Ex Orange Bowl, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Arena Football, Disney World, Productions of The Nutcracker and Cinderella, Joey Fatone of N’SYNC and Dancing With the Stars, Universal Cheerleaders Association Staff, and the U.S Army.


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