Parents (slash anyone losing their minds working AND taking care of kids), listen up! 😂

During the onset of this whole social-distancing thing, our news-feeds lit up with countless caregivers out there needing a helping hand keeping young kiddos active and entertained! So, we put on our thinking caps…

Enter: Studio To Go OnDemand! Think Netflix for kid’s dance, yoga, and creative movement.


Our current offerings include: creative movement, yoga, ballet, tap, & hip hop. You never know what fun activity we have up our sleeves next! This is a soft launch, which means over the coming weeks, there will be even more content added! (It’s been a rat-race scrambling to bring this idea to life so quickly!) 


We offer unlimited streaming access to all content and future releases. Each of our classes/activities are taught by professional dance educators, who already create content for young dancers at studios all over the world. Believe us when we say we understand young children… We teach over 1000 of them each week!


The two of us have joked a thousand times that we’ve been training for this “corona-pivot” since we learned pivot turns back in 1st grade jazz class. Thanks to all of our dance teachers & mentors, who’ve prepped us for times such as these!

Families, get moving, get dancing, get exercising, & get to memory-making!



Lauren + Leah