I don’t know about y’all, but most people in Atlanta are losing.their.minds. over the Coronavirus being in our city. Yesterday, when our county announced schools would be closed, you can bet your bottom dollar I whipped my Kia into Kroger (my 3rd grocery trip in 7 days) like a madwoman. My house is stocked with milk, cleaning products, wine, dry goods, and frozen foods. #alarmist I’ll admit it! 😉 

We do recognize that this point in the year is always difficult on teachers, especially preschool teachers. Sniffles reign supreme, subs are few and far between, and you’re left to carry on with a room full of 13 four-year-olds. Been there, done that.

Losing your voice, having a massive headache and constantly sneezing is not super conducive to teaching little ones dance. So, we whipped up a Voice-Cued playlist & coordinating PDF lesson plan for a preschool ballet and/or tap class that almost totally removes verbal cues from class. You can save that raspy voice for classroom management and guiding them through formation changes.

While we wouldn’t suggest getting “lazy” & running this playlist every single week, it’s certainly come in handy for us when we’re not feeling our best. (One of our sister company’s teachers had to employ this last week, and it worked like a charm.)




1. Ballet tracks are listed 1st & tap is at the end.

2. There’s way more content included than is necessary for a 45 minute class, but options are always a good thing right?

Simply select which tracks work for you!






Click image above for the Lesson Plan PDF, which includes song titles, formation ideas & general class flow! The Spotify link can be accessed on the PDF as well!