Y’all, our favorite season is here! With this change, comes one our absolute favorites, Halloween! We’ve whipped up some fun and festive class activities that are popular in our preschool and/or young elementary classes:

  1. Tippytoes:  Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this song, but it’s like cat nip to a preschool ballet student. They love it! You can listen HERE
  2. A fun themed coloring sheet: Bring a little extra ghoulish fun into your classes by handing out one of our Halloween coloring sheets.
  3. Pumpkin Patch Activity: Y’all, I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you. This is my ace in the hole. Your students will be asking for this in April still. No joking. It’s a variation of freeze dance. The rules: You are the scarecrow. The kids are the pumpkins, but they’re not just any old pumpkins…they’re magical pumpkins! They come to life at night, but only when the scarecrow is asleep. Stand like a scarecrow, and then make a really big deal of getting sleepy and falling to sleep (the more dramatic, the higher the giggle factor) and then put on some fun music and let them dance their hearts out. When you stop the music, they have to freeze in the exact position they were. As the scarecrow, you can make a big fuss about a pumpkin being out of place, or hearing something, etc. To end the activity you can catch them all dancing and close down the pumpkin patch. A variation is try to catch kids along the way until the last one is standing. A couple of housekeeping tips: keep it relatively short, don’t let it go on forever. Also, sleep with one eye open (literally). For safety that’s important, but you also don’t want a parent to think you’re taking a little nap during class. This is a fun release activity that they really enjoy.
  4. Imagery: We love to port de bras with leaves, hold a pumpkin in first position, make a potion while we stretch, be black cats to work on stretching our legs in arabesque, etc. There are SO many fun imagery cues you can bring into your classroom.
  5. Props, props, props: If you have been following us awhile, you probably know we love a good prop. Halloween in no exception! How about pumpkins to leap over? Scarves for a Falling leaves dance? Pretend leaves, brooms, and witches hats? Yes, please! Your options are endless.
  6. Finally, we have a curated Halloween class done for you. If you’d like a lesson plan, playlist, choreographed dance, coloring sheet and more, just click HERE.

This is such a fun, exciting time of year for our little dancers. We hope you find some of these class ideas to be helpful in your classes. Happy teaching!