Holiday Gift Guide: Our Favorite Gifts for Dance Teachers

Holiday Gift Guide: Our Favorite Gifts for Dance Teachers

Are you looking to show the dance teacher in your life (hey, that could be you!) a little love this holiday season? We’ve whipped up a few of our favorite things (watch out, Oprah!) to share with you. Drumroll, please!

1. Vine Oh!

Okay, you guys! Seriously. This is a wine subscription that also includes pampering items, such as snacks, accessories, makeup, etc. What more could a gal ask for?

2. Footnanny Travel Set

We ALL know it. Dancers don’t have the prettiest feet. It doesn’t matter because our feet can do wonderful, beautiful things. But, that does mean that our feet could use a little extra TLC. The Footnanny Travel Set is the perfect way to treat yo’ self… I mean, your favorite dance teacher, this holiday season!

3. USB Tassle Keychain

I LOVE Mark & Graham! It’s my go-to place for gifts for others and myself. This particular gift is great for the busy dance teacher. It is a cute and stylish key-chain that can go on your keys, purse, dance bag, etc. It can actually charge your iPhone too. How clever is that? Never get stuck with a dying phone again. AND, it comes with free monogramming! Yes, please.

4. Our Signature Prosecco + Pliés™ Top

We’ve yet to meet someone who owns one of these bad boys who doesn’t love it. Offered in both a dolman long-sleeved option ($34.99) and a tank ($24.99). Be the envy of all the adult dance professionals that you meet this holiday season.

5. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Okay, this is our pricey item. You probably should really like this dance teacher. Like, maybe a spouse, partner, or yourself. We’ve selected the Breville Barista Express. As far as espresso machines go, it’s still on the lower end of the price range, but it does get great reviews. What dance teacher doesn’t need more coffee?

6. 2019 Planner

If you’re busy, a planner can keep your “ish” together. I’ve searched long and far for a planner that does it all… And, I *think* that I may have finally found it. Sorry, all you Erin Condren lovers. Her planner falls short for my lifestyle. I have selected the Day Designer for 2019. What do I love about it? You’ve probably heard us talk about the importance of prioritizing our days (Join us in our Beyond the Studio Course and we’ll teach you a lot more about it), and this calendar does just that. It has specific time sections which allow you to time block your day. Hallelujah!  It also gives you a section to put your top 3 tasks of the day, to-do’s, notes, an inspirational quote, and a gratitude section. You’ve probably also heard me ramble on about gratitude journaling. I usually have 3 journals: one for a planner, one for gratitude, and one for notes. I am thinking that 2019 might be the year I can only lug around one! What?!? Is this real life? Being reasonably priced (compared to competitors) is an added bonus.

7. Personalized Wine Glass

We couldn’t NOT put this on the list. “I wine because the parents whine.” Enough said.

8. Handmade Leather Earrings

We love these! In fact, we love them so much that we chose to stock these and sell them on our website. They are handmade and gorgeous. I get tons of compliments whenever I wear them. They compliment any outfit. The dance teacher in your life is sure to love them!

9. Bathtub Tray

At the end of the day, dancers can soak those sore muscles and let the worries of the day fade away. How often do we tell each other, “take more time to pamper yourself”? Well, instead of saying that, give the dance teacher in your life the tools to do so. I chose this particular tray because it comes complete with all you need: slots for an iPad or book, wine glass, candle, snacks, phone (please unplug and don’t use that function), soap, etc. There’s nothing this tray can’t do. There are some more beautiful ones on Etsy, but this one wins in the functionality and price department!

10. Non-Spill Wine Glass

Is that a thing? Why yes it is. Rejoice! We all know dancers can be clumsy. You’ll never have to worry about crying over spilled red wine again!

11. Korean Facial Sheet Masks

Here’s the best kept secret of Korean skincare! Facial sheet masks moisturize your skin and leave it firmer. There are tons to choose from, but this particular one has vitamin E and Collagen that go to work on numerous skin problems. See instant results!

12. Girl, Wash Your Face!

This is for the lady in your life who loves to read and could use a little reminder that she is perfect just the way she is. We recently read this for our sister company’s Book Club. It is such an uplifting book and she’ll have you laughing out loud at her totally relatable life.

There it is! Our favorite gifts of 2018. I’m sure there’s something on the list for your favorite dance educator. Treat someone else, or treat yourself. Happiest of Holidays from us to you!

Leah 🥂

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