Recently, an online follower wrote in to express the need for tips on picking yourself up when feeling down about your business. Girl, we’ve got your back! We have been there before, and we see you. All of you dance studio owners, on-site dance owners/directors, contracted instructors, and anyone in between, you are not alone.

Both of us have had to “pick the other one up” from time to time, so we happen to have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Let’s get to it!


1. Some words of wisdom. 

You know, they say that Israel’s King Solomon was a wise guy. We’d definitely say he got it right with this phrase.



Impermanence is the nature of life. NOTHING (good or bad) is here forever. Work, wealth, people, happiness, sadness, abundance, scarcity, and even health are never permanently guaranteed. As Tracy Lawrence says in a 90’s country song, “The only thing that stays the same is everything changes, everything changes!”

This should bring us comfort in the rough times and gratitude in the easy ones. We suggest looking at whatever it is that’s dragging you down now as the construction site for the bountiful reward of tomorrow. In our opinion, it if weren’t for the rough patches in our careers or work-flows that have happened in the past, we would not fully appreciate the moments of success in the present or future!

2. Write it down. 

Take time to write down both your frustrations and your thoughts of gratefulness. If you don’t have a simple journal, we suggest snagging this one by clicking HERE.

There is something magical that goes on in the brain when we physically write out our emotions. We’re not psychologists around here, so we’re gonna just leave it right there, we promise you… It’s true!

If you find yourself in a rut when it comes to your business in particular, we suggest writing out the top 3 things that are bugging you in a small, fine print. Immediately under that, include the top 5 things (in your business or life in general) that you’re most grateful for today. Try writing those in a larger, bolder print. Take time to meditate, consider, or pray over these lists. You’ll be surprised at the clarity and peace that comes with simply putting those struggles AND rewards side by side. Who knows? Maybe a step of action to alleviate the issue will come to you during this quiet time!

After several days or weeks of this practice, you’ll start to notice feeling a little more “in control” of the stressors in your life, and you’ll be practicing regular thankfulness. Even if the circumstances don’t change, you’ll have changed and that’s all we can control in life right?

3. Ask for back-up. 

This one is super simple. Absolutely no one can do life alone. Whether you have an office assistant, best friend, business partner, life partner or lead instructor who just “gets” you, everyone needs back-up. Reinforcements are part of each and every complex military system, successful business structure, strong medical facility, or any other elaborate organization. They’re essential.

Call in someone whether you need a quick vent session, a shoulder to cry, or a person to carry a piece of the burden (even if it’s small). People need people. We were designed to be herd animals. It sounds silly, but it’s true. Look it up, y’all!



Note: We do suggest limiting how much stress you topple on your life partner, though. More on that below. 😉 

4. Monitor the $#*+ you bring home.

Excuse our bluntness. But, this is real life. Your partner chose you not based off your work, but based off… well, YOU.

For both of us, this probably falls into one of our greatest struggles. Separating home and work may always be tough! However, it is possible to strike a balance. That balance may shift as times change, and you may have to re-direct your course a bit, but it is possible! We share a ton of our professional details, frustrations, and stress with our husbands, but we’ve both been in situations where we know we’ve brought too much work home!

Your home should be a safe haven. Yes, you need to be heard and understood by your partner. Just take stock of the mood in the room the next time you divulge work grievances at home. Do you need to limit that amount of times you bring it up each week? Do you need to simply limit of the length of time y’all spend on the topic? Are you continually spending your entire nightly meal talking about this one arena of your life? Do you need to monitor how worked up you get when the subject arises? These are all questions to ask yourself, especially if you KNOW you’re in a specifically stressful professional circumstance right now!

5. Re-charge your battery.

We’re all just like our cell phones. Not only do they require a charger every single night (and some during the day), but every now and then they need a full system re-boot. Every time my phone (Lauren) needs to simply be switched off for a bit or when it requires a software update, I get frustrated for dayyyyys. It never fails. I spend upwards of a week staring at my screen, silently cursing at it, and getting worked up over an extremely simple fix. Just turn the poor thing off for a while and walk away!

Our bodies and minds are the same way. Take a minute to think of one or two things that always bring you immeasurable joy, right this minute. If it’s singing at the top of your lungs to music from your high school days, open up Spotify and let her rip. Do you LOVE getting your nails done? Make the appointment for some time this week. Is there a book or movie that resets your brain? Schedule 20 minutes each night this week to soak it in. Does exercise re-calibrate your mindset? Make it happen!



6. Blocking your day.

Here’s a bit of practical advice to actually tackle whatever issue is happening at work. Block out your day!

Write down every bit of “free” time that you have during business hours today. Walk away from that and start a separate list of each task that is before you this week. Prioritize which tasks are most time-sensitive. Go back to that hourly break-down of your day and realistically plug in the most critical actions of the day. Don’t short-change yourself on time! If you know that a task takes at least 25 minutes, give yourself 30. Be wise and kind to yourself!

Reward yourself along the way with your micro-wins! Indulge in that second cup of coffee, take a few minutes to scroll Instragram, or any other small treats that will keep you motivated throughout your day.


Friends, you are not alone! We are rooting for you, and we know you’ll conquer your frustrations if you keep your head up.


Comment below or email us ( with your victories!


We love doling out advice. 😉 Let us know how we can be your back-up!


Lauren + Leah