Products Saving My Life

Products Saving My Life

I love sharing little tricks that help me do my job better, keep me sane and make my life easier. I’m so excited to let you in on several Amazon finds that are my favorites right now!



Fun Fact: I’m known as the “deal finder” in my circle of family and friends. Is a coupon available online? Can I buy that in bulk and get a better price? You heard of a “diamond-in-the-rough” store that has crazy steals? Sign.a.sister.up.


All of the items below are less than $22!





#1: H2O

I’ve really been trying to get better about drinking more water lately. Typically you can tell what time of day it is based off which cup I’m holding – a coffee mug or a wine glass. 😉

Here’s a water bottle that helps you keep track with where you should be throughout the day in regard to your water intake. Let me add this one to my own cart real quick! 😉 #takeyourownadvicefool


#2: Face Masks

You may already be on the face mask train. If so, good for you! One of my closest friends Sallie recently told me that she’s making it a priority to do a face mask and have “me time” every Sunday night. While neither of us can make it happen 100% of the time, I think she’s wise in her goal.

Why not take care of yourself for 15-20 minutes each week? There are a ton of affordable masks out there, but here’s one that I’ve tried and love.


#3: Hair Emergency Kit

Guys, I don’t wash my hair every day. Not even every other day. Ok. (Mom, close your eyes.) Not even every 3-4 days.

If you’re still washing your hair every day either A- you have incredible magical hair or B- you’re not up-to-speed on the latest findings about the chemistry of human hair.

I’ll let you do your own research and decide what’s best for you, but I can tell you with full certainty that my hair is much healthier without constantly striping it of nutrients and natural oils. I have several tricks, but the 2 biggest ones are dry shampoo and cute hats.

Here’s the dry shampoo I’m loving right now. I prefer the “Beach Babe Texturizing” version in the blue can, but I promise you’ll love either one!

I own felt hats similar to this one in about 3 different colors. I wear them out! This one is available in several different colors. My personal favs are the vintage red, beige and black. Hint: They go with evvvverything!

(I’m proud to say that I get my hat skills from the ultimate hat guru, my sister Whitney. Lu ya!)



#4: The Clockmaker’s Daughter

I am not lying to you when I tell you that I’ve had this book on pre-order since like March. Kate Morton is my absolute favorite author (other than J.K. Rowling of course #truefangirl). If you’re into historical fiction and sweeping novels that take you back in time, buy this book. Thank me later.

She plays with the concepts of time, place and home so beautifully. There are several story-lines going on at once, all in different eras. It’s breathtaking work, truly.

I can’t give you my full opinion on the story just yet. I’m seriously having to pace myself so that I don’t gobble it up in one sitting. Oh how long will I have to wait again for one of her books?! Welcome to my nightly (and weekend) getaway!



#5: Bulk Fabuloso

I know some of you out there are probably picky about the cleaning products you use in your household. Please for one second, let me tempt you to give this unicorn sorcery a try. Fabuloso is probably what heaven smells like. I’ve caught myself adding it to our shopping list a good bit recently, so last week I bought the motherload from Amazon. I’m flippin’ pumped.


#6: Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

How nice would it be to hop in your shower after a long day and enjoy an audio book, your favorite podcast or a lovely playlist of songs perfectly matching your current mood? Let me tell you… It’s amazing!

After working with little ones, sometimes I just need to hear adult conversation. My audio books are my saving grace some days.

(My sister Courtney has one of these for each of her kiddos. Sounds a little nightmarish, slash super convenient. No matter where they go, they’re a partay!)


#7: Christmastime is riggggght around the corner…

I know it’s early, y’all. But, the temp in the mornings dropped to the 60’s this week and all my fellow Georgians are rejoicing. While it might be up to 81F right this second, in my head it’s December 24th.


With that said, why not get a head-start on your holiday shopping? I LOVE this personalized necklace from Amazon. I ordered one for my sister for Christmas last year with her step-sons’ names and her husband’s name engraved on it. She thought it was precious!



I hope you’ve found something that you just can’t live without. I’d love to hear your comments below. What’s saving you right now?

— Cheers! Lauren

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