You may have glanced around our website before and noticed that we have TONS of customized ballet, tap and hip hop color sheets available. Why so many? Why even offer these? What’s the point? Don’t parents pay for children to DANCE in dance class? I don’t get it!

(If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s my shameless plug to go check it out!)



I am here to answer alllll of those burning questions mentioned above! Let’s get to it!


1. These are take-home materials, not in-class resources. 

We send our students home from dance with color sheets as a reinforcement tool at the end of class at least once each month. This is a great way for the children to remember what we’re learning about throughout the week between classes. Parents love posting these masterpieces to the fridge and it helps to keep the kids excited about dance until their next class! Also, this is great tool for communicating with parents all about the comprehensive program that we’re providing their child.


2. It’s a great addition to our rewards system. 

We love giving out 2 stamps at the end of class – one for dancing and one for making good choices behaviorally. But, we’ve all been there as instructors when the stamps just don’t cut it! Having color sheets provides our teachers with another incentive to encourage their students. Give it a try! We promise that in several months, your students will so look forward to their monthly color sheets that they are begging for more! Our teachers seriously appreciate the extra help! 😉

Bribery is not beneath us! Sometimes the struggle is real, y’all!



3. Repetition Repetition Repetition 

Kids love structure that they can depend on. It’s a proven scientific fact!


Repeating activities and processes over and over is extremely beneficial for your students. Not only is the repetition of receiving that monthly reward a good thing, but it’s also repeating what we learned in class at home. We’ve heard stories of our students explaining all about ballet manners to their parents because they’ve taken home our September color sheet, which features two dance friends helping one other by tying each other’s ballet shoes!


4. Brand Awareness & Marketing

We love that our logo is spreading throughout the community every time one of those color sheets goes home with a student. You never know when one mama is having coffee at another mama’s house and sees it pinned to her bulletin board in the breakfast room! You are missing out on so many small marketing opportunities out there by NOT offering monthly color sheets, team! As business owners, we all know that every little bit helps!


Allllso, get excited because we’ll be updating our website with a whole new year’s worth of ballet and tap color sheets in the coming months. The options are endless!