In the words of my favorite author J.K. Rowling, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”


Have truer words ever been spoken?


Beyond creating the masterful, awe-inspiring world of Harry Potter of which I have been so incredibly enamored for over a decade, good ole Joanne Rowling inspires millions with her words every single day. You want to talk about dreaming big? THAT’S my ultimate goal in life. If I could positively impact another person’s life (even one across the globe) for the rest of my time here, whew I can’t imagine anything sweeter! So, I guess that means I should start running my mouth more on this blog if I’m going to attempt to keep up with the great Ms. Rowling. Here goes nothin’!


(Insert “like she needed more excuses” from those closest to me.) 😉


Back to the FAILING part… As I’m getting ready for a holiday weekend (Monday is Labor Day here in the States), I find myself struggling to wrap my brain around truly relaxing. As we covered several weeks ago, I’m an ardent list-maker. So, one can imagine that I have approximately 75 lists currently: the 20 notes on my phone, our company’s Asana productivity app, my online calendar, my written calendar, my to-do style email inbox, my dry-erase board and of course my handwritten to-do notebook. I have work lists. I have home lists. I have shopping lists. I have to-do lists. I have spiritual lists. I have financial lists. I have to-read lists. I even have future to-do lists. You get the picture.

What’s the worst side effect in all this?


Sometimes, it’s impossible to convince myself to simply sit and be bored.


My husband and I talk about it allll the time, especially leading up to long weekends with no trip on the agenda. They say opposites attract and boy did we blow that one out of the water. (Amiright, babe?)

Why do I feel like I’m FAILING when I sit still? Why has our culture brain-washed me into thinking productivity is king? How has our technology-driven world so aptly persuaded me to feel “less than” when I slow down? It’s so frustrating!




Here’s what I know that I don’t know: the answer to those questions. I’m not a psychologist, sociologist, or any other cool “ist.” I am, however, a realist. That means I analyze situations, accept them for what they are, make my decision, implement it as quickly and effectively as possible, and move on.

What does the realist in me say in regards to my feelings of failure when it’s an appropriate time to rest?






I’m sure my husband will hear me complain at least 33 times this weekend that I’m bored, that we need to get out of the house, and that I feel gross. You know what? THAT’S FINE. Go ahead, self. I give you permission to “fail” this weekend. I give you permission to rest. I give you permission to be bored. I give you permission to tackle 3% of those gosh-darn lists and then abandon them! I give you permission to wake up on Tuesday feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything for 3 glorious days, other than sustaining life, re-filling your glass, feeding your dogs, turning the page in your book, cheering on your college football team (GO DAWGS!), and laughing with your friends the whole time.

I guess that’s how I need to start looking at my weekends huh, Jo? The weekend of “failure.” I am not going to let caution and productivity steal these sweet moments of joy from me. After-all, failing is proof of a life well-lived.


Happy Labor Day, y’all!