I have been so thrilled to be featured as a guest on the Studio To Go blog. In my past blogs I discussed in depth the types of technology to implement in your studio to help get your busy growing and running without you. For those of you who don’t know me, hi! My name is Claire O’Shea and I am a Dance Educator, Studio Owner and business & mindset coach who works with dance studio entrepreneurs eager to grow, scale, and transform their business into an empire, by teaching my practical systemising strategies geared towards a clear direction for ultimate profitability & success. I also host weekly episodes & interviews on my podcast The Business of Dance Podcast (where the lovely team from STG have also featured), which provides useful information, tips & tricks for the everyday dance entrepreneur! Today I want share a little bit about a strategy that completely changed my life, and enabled me to build my dream team as well as scale and grow my business beyond my wildest dreams! Drumroll please……. introducing Systemisation!

I see a lot of studio owners struggling to keep up with all the tasks when running their studio, team and even managing side projects with a Virtual Assistant. I’ve been there myself so I can totally relate to the pressure. That being said I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I was running my studio when I started to implement the strategy of systemisation within my business. This gave me the confidence to move forward with my business without the stress, giving it the ability to scale & thrive nearly automatically! Systemising your studio is a game changer when it comes to managing all the tasks at hand and can relieve that added stress from your shoulders so you can live your dream life & grow your studio to its fullest potential.

So what is systemising exactly?

Well a system is a procedure, process, method, or course of action designed to obtain a specific result, goal or completion of tasks. The steps you take will work together for the good of the whole project, or goal. Thus creating effective systems within your business is the only way to obtain results consistently, in a measurable way to ultimately benefit your staff, students and parents. Systems are used in all kinds of businesses these days, so why not YOUR very own Business of Dance?

When it comes to systemising, these days everything is digitised. It may seem daunting at first glance, but when you compare it to the “old school” way of doing things (handwritten to do lists a mile long and post it notes everywhere) it is SO much easier to have everything all in one place instead of scattering around trying to find where you left that parents phone number you know you need to call back. Imagine you have every document, file, photo, class outline, concert info, and more all categorised in one location: the internet! Now, that’s systemising digitally! There are many systemising tools out there you can use for your studio but my personal favourite and the one I use in my business is Trello.
[If you would like more information about trello feel free to watch my FREE Masterclass all about Systemise with Trello Here: ]

I want to change the way others view their business, and how to fall in love with their studio all over again. To bring them back to their true vision and reason to why they started their business in the first place; the love of Dance Education! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

To be able to focus on this wholeheartedly, systemisation is key!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Outline the most important tasks in your studio
  • take note of all the important tasks for your studio
  • write them down as you do them
  • set out a plan in place  
  • start to categorize your tasks
  • Delegate
  • automate these tasks by outsourcing to a VA, admin or another team member
  • = gives you the time and freedom to focus on growing your studio and the bigger projects at hand
  • Choose a program to systemise with
  • Trello & Asana are great options!
  • Repeat
  • write out your tasks and know which tasks you can delegate to your team
  • Rinse & repeat to save time and reduce your stress load!


With Technology by our side, there is nearly nothing we cannot do in this day in age. So let’s make the most of it and use these crazy gadgets to change the way we run our business and make the world a better place by sharing our love for dance!

Are you a Dance Studio Entrepreneur who dreams of having a studio that doesn’t require them to run it 24/7? Are you just starting out and don’t know where to start? Discover how to practically systemise your studio & scale your business into a dance empire that dramatically increase your profits whilst creating more freedom. Find out more here:

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