Meet Claire! Claire is our awesome Australian friend who has agreed to hang out with us a bit and offer some of her expertise with us.

Claire is a business and mindset coach who helps dance studio entrepreneurs scale their business into a dance empire and dramatically increase their profits whilst creating more freedom. She’s been where you have been, or maybe even where you are right now. Claire helps studio owners find their groove, and ultimately lead a life they love.

I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Claire (via phone…although, maybe a trip to Australia should be in the books!), and one thing that really stuck out is how well Claire knows the business side of running a studio. It can be hard. Too often studio owners can get sidetracked and pulled in many directions. Another factor that we’re all up against in our industry is it’s such a personal one. We’re dealing with people’s children, and sometimes we can get taken advantage of, or make unreasonable exceptions due to the personal relationships we have. Claire spoke in great detail about how important having processes in place is, and I totally nerded out with her on this.

I enjoyed our conversation so much that I asked her to do a blog series for STG. Stay tuned! Beginning next week she’ll be sharing with you some of her favorite tips and tricks of running her studio. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!